~ Pandemos ~

New full length album coming in March 2021 from Rum Bar Records!

In December 2019 Beebe Gallini was shuffling our lineup – Travis moved to drums and Monet joined on lead guitar. We had shows coming up so we went to the studio to record some originals and a few other favorites to learn. We ripped through 14 tracks in one night coming back the next day to do some vocals and a rough mix. We imagined these recordings would be good enough to share and maybe shop around to get a real record out.

In February 2020 we played an epic show at the Trollhaugen Troll in Wisconsin, playing practically everything we knew plus a few we didn’t – Georgia’s impromptu rendition of the Stevie Nicks classic Landslide got the whole house singing along.

We all know what happened next – a few cancelled shows and postponed practices turned into a longterm situation as the Pandemic of 2020 took hold. Singing and playing in a soundproof room became a thing of the past. After a while, we started listening to our demos again. The tracks sounded raw and real in a way that resonated with live, rock energy.

We dug back in, remixing and mastering for a self release. Lou Mansdorf at Rum Bar Records took a listen and agreed that the tracks sounded like a record that might make some sense as a Pandemic anniversary release.

We are super proud to release Pandemos this March with Rum Bar Records! Until we can get out and rock with you live, we hope you enjoy this messy, joyful release coming March 19, 2021!!