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Press release for 2023 Spring Fling out West:

Beebe Gallini Announce West Coast Dates

Leaving home in St Paul Minnesota, garage rockers Beebe Gallini are popping out to the West Coast promoting their track in the vinyl release of “Rodney Bingenheimer presents Rodney on the Rock! Vol4” on Geza X Records.

West Coast Dates:

4/7 – Los Angeles @ Redwood Bar and Grill w/ The Night Times, Garden Colors, The Outa Tunes

4/8 – Las Vegas @ Red Dwarf w/ Cromm Fallon and the p200 / The Civillians

4/9 – Tucson @ St Charles Tavern w/ The Lemon Drop Gang

60s Punk, Garage, R&B stompers; whatever tag that is employed on their music equals good time rock and roll. With either their sweet vocal harmonies, fuzz tones, or big beats Beebe Gallini brings the solid sound with their interesting originals and crate dig covers all heard on worldwide radio play . These shows build on their previous releases from Rum Bar Records and Ramo Records and are a precursor for upcoming dual releases on Rum Bar/Reta and Soudflat.


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Nice Words from the Press:

In an old episode of The Brady Bunch, Beebe Gallini is a hard to please client of Mike’s who knows what she wants. Namely, FUN. With PandemosBeebe Gallini (the band, that is) give us 13 tracks of rip roarin’ fun – loud, a little rough around the edges and exhilarating. Power Pop News

“If this won’t warm your heart and get your snow boot tapping, I don’t know what will.” – Bust Magazine
Given Beebe Gallini’s chosen milieu, it’s hard to imagine a full-on studio production job making this record sound any different, so consider Pandemos done, dusted and delicious.” – Michael “Denim” Toland, The Big Takeover 
“Beebe Gallini has its own personality, with beautiful Sixties touches especially in the vocal harmonies, some hints of 50’s R’n’R, and classy and subtle two-guitar licks which are a delight for the ears!” – Voix De Garage Grenoble
“Showcasing a garage rock ‘n’ roll vibe that would fit seamlessly alongside some of the greats of the ’50s and ’60s without feeling too decadent or out of place.” – Uber Rock
“Life gave Beebe Gallini lemons, and Beebe Gallini went ahead and made delicious lemonade!” – Lord Rutledge, Faster and Louder
“So this album just dropped today and I knew it was gonna be awesome but I didn’t see this coming! To all my friends that don’t usually listen to “Underground” music give this a listen – I think you’ll be impressed!” – Ralph J Rivera
“Sweet and dirty, rough and nice are some words describing the band’s debut album quite accurately.” – WoNo Blog
“Beebe Gallini manages to carve their own path. Their music is lean and economical, and it boasts a powerful jolt of distaff energy. Bottom line: Pandemos is the utmost fun.” – Coachella Valley Weekly
“What I’ve heard before makes your mouth water!” – Radio Campus Grenoble
“Pandemos is a kicking garage rocker all the way through.” – Boston Groupie News
“By combining new material and old classics they aim to pull in listeners from far and wide.” – Real Gone Rock

“I like to think of Beebe Gallini as America’s premier cold weather garage rock party band. I picture them playing to packed crowds at ski lodges, ice skating rinks, and winter festivals as fans dance the night away and double fist hot chocolate.” – Faster and Louder

“Beebe Gallini is the newest garage rock, girl pop hybrid and they can shred like nobody’s business.” – Powerpopholic

“Beebe Gallini is why they invented the 45.” 50 third and 3rd

“Power pop straight out of the garage (albeit must be a well heated one in those environs), replete with riffs, harmonies, and boppin’ beats a-plenty.” – Maximum Rocknroll

Awww – we love you guys! Get in touch for booking shows, parties, bat mitzvahs, interviews and other stuff. We’ll hit you back as soon as we can!