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Beebe Gallini Goes West!

Leaving home in St Paul Minnesota, garage rockers Beebe Gallini are popping out to the West Coast promoting their track in the vinyl release of “Rodney Bingenheimer presents Rodney on the Rock! Vol4” on Geza X Records.

West Coast Dates: 

4/7/23 – Los Angeles, CA at Redwood Bar and Grill with The Night Times, Garden Colors, The Outa Tunes

4/8/23 – Las Vegas, NV at Red Dwarf with Cromm Fallon and the p200 / The Civillians

4/9/23 – Tucson, AZ  at the  St. Charles Tavern with The Lemon Drop Gang

60s Punk, Garage, R&B stompers; whatever tag that is employed on their music equals good time rock and roll. With either their sweet vocal harmonies, fuzz tones, or big beats Beebe Gallini brings the solid sound with their interesting originals and crate dig covers all heard on worldwide radio play . These shows build on their previous releases from Rum Bar Records and Ramo Records and are a precursor for upcoming dual releases on Rum Bar/Reta and Soudflat.

Are you available for bookings?

Yes – we are currently booking festivals, shows, private events and parties. We love playing with touring garage bands from around the world and have a deep set of originals and groovy covers to get the crowd moving.

What are those cool songs?

We’re writing new classics all the time but we also mine the garage rock tradition for cool tunes. Check out our blog where we’ll post links to some of the fabulous garage rock gems we play in our live show and our recordings.